Wednesday, 1 June 2011

How to Choose the Right Span for you

The Thanks But No Thanks Club

Quite a while ago now I wrote a post on a forum called Powerful Intentions.  This is something I often go back to because it really was an epiphany. I hope you find it helpful:

I'm starting a club. 

I'm always amazed by the amount of people on this forum (and everywhere else for that matter) who cannot understand how to accept the goodness and joy that is waiting for them.  I find that very sad.  I have done a lot of personal development work over the last (let me think now) 7 years and I wanted to start a club for those in the same place as me and those who are just starting out.  I am calling it the Thanks but No Thanks Club.

The first thing I learned about my own development was that it was stunted.  Mostly because I had no opinion of myself at allYes I had plenty of ideas about who I was and what I deserved and what I should be but none of them were mine.  It took a long time to work this out but when I did it was like an electric shock up my spine.  Not one thing I thought about myself was my view.  Nothing I thought about money, relationships, the outside world, politics etc etc was my idea.  Then it hit me, if they weren't my ideas where did they come from.

Every time I thought something I would ask myself, where has that come from, who said that to me in the first place?  It really helped me to identify the root of all this.  I started to imagine myself standing in an airport terminal with all these people around me trying to get me to carry their bags of issues for them so that they could walk around not carrying anything except their hand luggage.  I imagined how weighed down I had been.  I'm sure you would have just seen my eyes peering out of a pile of suitcases.  Enough was enough.  So when I thought something like 'I can't eat that it's fattening' I'd ask myself if Iactually thought I was fat?  Did I?  No.  So why not eat it?  Ok, that's the simple part -- where did that come from in the first place?  Someone who worried about their weight all their lives and was always overweight no matter whether they dieted or not.  What did I do?  I walked upto them in that airport terminal and handed them back a suitcase.  Smiled and said, 'I believe this is yours'.  Then I smiled and looked at all the other bags that would soon be handed back to their rightful owners.

Once I'd cleared the backlog of bags it was time to ensure that I didn't get anymore which meant I had to be mindful of the fact that I was taking on board these issues.  I hung on to a couple of pretty silk bags that were nice things people had said to me.  It was ok to keep those, as I agreed with those! :)  It was time to see these bags people were trying to hand me for what they were.  Someone else's issues that they couldn't deal with so they were passing them onto someone much more capable of dealing with this.  It's sort of a compliment really to think that someone thinks you can handle their stuff as well as your own but why the heck should you?

Say no, don't take the bag, let them carry it themselves!  Thanks but No Thanks.  It's getting easier every day to bat back these people wanting to pass me stuff to carry.  I used to want to help but now I realise that only they can help themselves.

So think about it, what do you really think about everything?  Yourself, the world, money, relationships?  Are they really your beliefs?  If not you need to get rid of these and form your own because these ideas of other people won't really ring true with your vibration and will stop you manifesting what you really want.

I don't know whether all this waffle will help anyone but I felt compelled to post it! :D

Love and Light
Helen xxx